Nationwide – Open, Honest & Transparent?

July 2018 – The directors of this pseudo building society continue to hold their AGMs on weekdays for the benefit of themselves.  This year they just had to pop into the office at the Swindon HQ.  There were 151 members in attendance outnumbered by around two to one by staff.

As always the annual report makes claims of openness, honesty and transparency.  In this year’s report this claim appears no less than 8 times.  The BSMA has been trying to get the directors to live up to these claims for many years without success.  The chairman – David Roberts was asked to answer questions to demonstrate his openness, honesty and transparency at the AGM.  He declined to answer.  He was also asked why other companies that he and his fellow directors say they work for do not use the infamous “Quick Vote”.  That too he declined to answer.

So there you have it – open, honest and transparent at “your” Nationwide – the national treasure!

Nationwide – owned by the directors, run by the directors for the benefit of the directors.