Nationwide Building Society Office Poll

January 2020 – Nationwide Building Society continues to find ways for wasting members’ money.  This society has carried out a poll on the personal cost of working in an office.  The lengthy report on the findings of the poll states that Guy Simmonds whose job is described as Head of Current Account Customer Management said: “As our research shows, it’s ironic that work can be so expensive given we get paid to do it.

Their press release states – A national poll from Nationwide Building Society shows that even after lunch and travel have been accounted for, working in an office is, on average, leaving people £1,715 out of pocket each year. The cost covers a range of office expectations, from charity sponsorship requests and nights out with colleagues to birthday and leaving contributions and office treats – coffees, teas and sweets.

Is it any wonder that this building society continues to give such poor returns for its members.

Full Report Here