A New Snout in the Trough

December 2022 – Nationwide Building Society has appointed TSB boss Debbie Crosbie as its next chief executive and executive director.  She will be replaced on an interim basis at TSB by Glasgow-based banker Robin Bulloch and will join Nationwide in the first half of 2022.  She will replace Joe Garner, the current chief exec, who is leaving after nearly six years in the role.  Like all the other directors at Nationwide she is a strong, dedicated, declared and confirmed supporter of mutuality!!  So she will fit in very nicely with all the other mutual loving directors.

Debbie Crosbie is a non-executive director of SSE and a member of the Prudential Regulation Authority’s practitioner panel.  She is a former chief operating officer at Clydesdale Bank and Virgin Money owner CYBG and will be Nationwide’s first female executive director.

Nationwide BS Announcement